Quality Assurance


Stockpile Areas : Storage of aggregate and sand.
Aggregate Ground Hopper : Temporary storage of aggregate before the aggregate and sand are transferred to overhead bins.
Ground Conveyor : Transfer aggregate and sand to overhead bins.
Overhead Bins : Storage of aggregate and sand before weighing.
Aggregate Weighing Hopper : Used for weighing aggregates and sand.
Silos : Storage of bulk cement and slag.
Other Equipment : Air compressors, water pumps, gensets, etc.
Loaders : Used to transfer aggregate and sand from stockpile to ground bins, operated by Evermix Concrete Sdn Bhd trained staff.

All mixer trucks will be operated by licensed and experienced drivers. The number of trucks on site will be based on the volume and rate of concrete required.

Plants are equipped with telephones and radios to communicate between the batching plants and the personal on site. A fax machine is available at our main office for order transfer  to our Logistics Department.

The Plant and Equipment used to manufacture and supply concrete shall comply with the requirements of MS 523, BS 5328 and Evermix Concrete Sdn Bhd own internal requirements.


Laboratory equipment shall be calibrated by independent party at least once a year and copies of the certificate shall be kept in the laboratory.


Throughout the duration of the concrete supply, monitoring and testing will be carried out by Evermix Concrete Sdn Bhd. In the event of any non-conformance the client will be advised of the details of the non-conformance.